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(Last updated: 06/10/2018)


Budget Caseex. vat        
3Gorilla PrimitivoItalian red5.7917.37          
3New Hall – Pinot Noir RoseEnglish Rose5.7917.37          
3Wildwood MerlotCalifornian red5.4216.26          
3Percheron – Chenin blanc ViognierSouth African white5.7517.26          
68.25 + vat

New World Caseex. vat        
3Percheron Shiraz/MourvedreSouth African red5.7517.25          
3Wildwood MerlotCalifornian red5.4216.26          
3Santa Digna Cab. Sauv. RoseChilean rose7.0021.00          
3Shorn (Marlborough)Sauvignon BlancNew Zealand white6.6319.89          
74.40 + vat

Chairman's Caseex. vat        
3Sancerre Silex (Loire) French white12.9238.76          
3Champagne BollingerFrench Champagne28.3384.99          
3Chablis (Burgundy)French white13.2539.75          
3Aglianico del Vulture(Basilicata)Italian red17.5052.50          
216.00 + vat

Italian Caseex. vat        
3Gavi 'La Battistina'Piemonte white7.9223.76          
3Primitivo PrimasolePuglia red7.0821.24          
3Gambellara ClassicoVeneto white7.4622.38          
3Chianti PoggiotondoTuscany red9.5828.74          
96.12 + vat

Chilean Caseex. vat        
3Santa Digna Cabernet SauvignonRed7.0021.00          
3Santa Digna Sauvignon BlancWhite7.0021.00          
3Novas ChardonnayWhite7.9223.76          
3De Gras Merlot ReservaRed6.8820.64          
86.40 + vat

Robin's special reds caseex. vat        
2Primitivo PrimasolePuglia, Italy7.0814.16          
2Navajas ReservaRioja, Spain9.0818.16          
2GivryBurgundy, France15.8331.66          
2Aglianico del Vulture - Piano del CerroBasilicata, Italy17.5035.00          
2PurgatoriPenedes, Spain11.6723.34          
2Ch. Mahon LavilleBordeaux, France10.4220.84          
143.16 + vat

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